Blades Bore

I didn’t post a blog after the win over Sheff Utd cos there wasn’t much to be said. It was a workmanlike performance against a side who just wanted to stop us playing. Simon Grayson took out our play maker in Neil Kilkenny and put in Bradley Johnson to add some strength to the midfield. The result was two teams who cancelled each other out and resulted in the game being a bit of a snooze fest. It was always going to be a mistake or a bit of magic that would turn the game and we got a bit of both to create our winner. I saw mistakes similar to Stephen Jordans, the Blades full back about ten times at my kids Under 11 game the next morning. His complete air shot allowed Robert Snodgrass in and despite seeming to dwell too long on the ball, he was merely biding his time to pick out the perfect pass, rolling across to Bradley Johnson to fire home.

It was a terrible game, in no small part down to referee Taylor. Every challenge around the Leeds area seemed to result in a Blades free kick, the last of which in stoppage time ended up with them hitting the bar. To top off his terrible performance, his sending off of Snoddy was one of the most pathetic I think I’ve ever seen. He was only on the pitch 20 minutes and he picked up his first booking for having the ball kicked at him from yet another Sheff U free kick. As refs tend to do when having a shocker, he evened things up by showing a red card to Jamie Ward for an attempt to snap Kilkennys legs. The card was out before Killa could get up to have a moan, which shows how quick a decision it was.

So another three points in the bag and the mind should have switched to Preston. But that result, whilst not a formality, I took for granted would be a win, and I was already looking at Ipswich away as being a key game. How wrong I was.


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