Rooney and Fergie – The Real Hustle

Is it just me or does the whole affair at Old Trafford smell fishier than a mouldy prawn sandwich.  The fantastic drama of the past week, particularly the heartbroken ramblings of Sir Alex Ferguson leads me to believe not everything is as it seems. Before the crowing of the Man U fans starts lets consider the following scenarios.

Rooney never struck me as the money grabbing type. I genuinely believe that if reasons for wanting to leave were for football reasons. I’m not sure howe much of a pay rise he has secured, but the £180K a week he has signed for is a long way away from the figures which City were reported to be willing to pay. If all Rooney was doing was bargaining he appears to have sold himself short.

I’m not sure the actions of a few hoodies have changed his mind either. The banners which adorned Scum Park on Tuesday night will have meant nothing to him, he showed in the World Cup he doesn’t really care what the fans think of him. While him signing a contract may appease the most blinkered Scum fans, it hasn’t really changed anything. Should the right offer come in for him, United can sell him, and he can say next week that he wants to leave. As most right thinking football fans know, a contract means nothing these days.

In my opinion this has been an elaborate stunt, cooked up by Fergie to send a message to the Glazers. He can’t openly criticise them, they are his employees, so he has found a way to undermine them permanently or get them to sing to his tune.

It’s pretty clear that the good ship at Old Trafford is listing badly. Star players have left, for big money. The £100m war chest for transfers is tightly locked. The team at the moment is full of young hopefuls (Bebe, Hernandez etc) and old hands (Neville, Scholes, Giggs, Van Der Sar). What reasons did Rooney give for wanting to leave? He was worried about the “continued ability of the club to attract the top players in the world”.

Ferguson immediately has a strong hand to play to the board. If his best player wants to leave, what message does that send out. The purse strings need to be loosened. Within 48 hours a new improved contract has been signed and the assurances made that Rooney required. The Glazers and David Gill are now over a barrel. If money isn’t provided for transfers then Rooney can turn round and repeat this weeks statements and request to leave again.  Ferguson will then at least save some face, as it will be clear that the money isn’t there, paving the way for the protests to increase in veracity, and probably with his backing, something clearly lacking  in the Norwich City fans campaign at the moment.

The deal has bought some time. If funds are not forthcoming in January , expect this scam to start again. If Man U don’t have the money, then Rooney will go in the summer.


3 thoughts on “Rooney and Fergie – The Real Hustle

  1. Hi Clarky,

    I still think he’ll leave. Nothing was likely to happen until the summer either way, because Rooney leaving Scum means Scum would need a replacement which would likely be Torres who Liverpool aren’t going to let go until they can replace him themselves. Basically, it’s the same as selling a house whereby the seller needs to secure a new property before the new tenants can complete the deal.

    By agreeing to sign the new contract, the fans will leave him alone and everything can continue as normal until the end of the season. The alternative was that a media circus distracted everyone until such a time as Rooney could move on, causing chaos at Scum. If this is the case, then Rooney loses the chavs outside his house and can live in piece ’til the Summer and Scum can command a much higher fee at the end of the season, with Rooney leaving under better terms.

    I may be wrong, but agree with much of what you’ve said above in terms of him not giving a shit about the fans and not being swayed by money. What will bother him though is the realistic possibility Scum could finish outside the top four. Even if they scrape a CL spot, you have to feel the writing is on the wall for their glory years and he’s hardly going to stick around for the inquisition.

  2. By throwing together a shotgun contract man u can realise rooney’s full ‘market value’, a great deal more than if he only had 12-18 months left on his contract. beckham left 12 months after signing a five year deal. And oh yes how quickly they turn on one of there own, pure vermin.

    • Do you not think though that its not just extending his contract to realise his value or am I reading too much into it. To me it smacks of a power play by Fergie to wrest a transfer budget out of the Glazers or leave them out to dry when its not forthcoming.

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