Cardiff Catastrophe

I’m a bit out of the loop this week, “holidaying” at a Haven caravan park near Ayr. I managed to tear my self away from the cabaret act “Anthology” (bald guy, tall girl singing, three fat birds dancing) on Monday night to watch the game. A 4-0 defeat is never good, but spend it in the company of three Bradford City fans and the cabaret suddenly appears much more inticing.

So being so far away, I have not seen much of what has been written in the aftermath. I can’t comment too much on the game, suffice to say we gave away the first, the second looked offside and the fourth was a screamer. Blinkers off and its not a great result and the home form is now a source of real worry. But let’s hold our hands up again and admit that they looked real quality. What we have to reconcile ourselves to is that to assemble such a good side, they have been lucky recipients of a deal which threatens to undermine the integrity of the game.

Craig Bellamy was undoubtedly one of the stars of the show. But how can Cardiff attract one of the best players in the Premier League last season to drop a division? The answer is that Manchester City in their desire to get rid of the player have given him away, and are also paying to have him out of their hair. I have no doubt that say hypothetically Patrick Viera being given to us would strengthen our team immeasurably.

Cardiff are also taking a massive economic gamble to go up. Ridsdale, although no longer there, has set in motion another dream chasing operation. Players such as Bothroyd, Chopra, Whittingham and Marshall will be on top wages. Have the new owners got the clout to see it through. If they have, then good luck to Cardiff, if not then let’s hope the gloating Welshmen are prepared for the rocky aftermath of a gamble gone wrong.

And that my friends is where we have to realise where we are. As someone who saw the ups and downs of the boom and bust of Leeds United in the early part of the century, I would rather have financial security and a long term future than throwing cash at an ill conceived quest for glory. We have to understand that the current owners are cutting their cloth accordingly (whether they are stashing some of the cloth for themselves is another matter) and that we may be a mid to lower table Championship side for now.

Simon Grayson is probably more frustrated than us. His inability to buy from the top table is putting his professional reputation on the line. Whilst Cardiff are plundering Man City for Bellamy we are getting an untried reserve midfielder in Adam Clayton. Cardiff’s other strikers have top class experience, ours come from the Spanish 2nd Division and the MLS.

Let’s get off his back and behind the team. Its surely no coincidence that bar Barnsley we have looked far more effective away from home, where the fans are behind the team from minute one. Scunthorpe on Saturday will tell us a lot about where we are. A win will keep us safely in mid table. Defeat will see us join the scrap to stay up, and herald a long cold winter ahead.

Now if that’s all been said already this week I apologise. As I said earlier the fun never stops here at Haven. I need to get ready for Crazy Golf and a High School Musical tribute tonight. Enjoy the Iron on Saturday.


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