LIVERPOOL 1 MANCHESTER UNITED 2 – 1977 FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium 21st May 1977

Liverpool headed to Wembley for the 1977 FA Cup Final on the brink of a historical achievement. They had already claimed the Football League 1st Division title for the second consecutive season and were in contention of winning the elusive “double” of if they could see off Manchester United in this Jubilee Cup Final. However

MANCHESTER UNITED 0 SOUTHAMPTON 1 – FA Cup Final – Wembley Stadium, 1st May 1976

The mid seventies were a very dark time for the side from the red half of Manchester. The end of the Matt Busby era had seen the side slide from the pinnacle of the English game and had even seen them relegated from the top flight in 1974. Promotion back to the top flight was

FULHAM 0 WEST HAM UNITED 2 – 1975 FA Cup Final, 3rd May 1975, Wembley Stadium

For the second time in three seasons the FA Cup final pitched a side from the second division against top flight opposition but unlike Sunderland’s victory over Leeds United in 1973, there would be no romantic ending for Fulham on this occasion. All the elements for a Fulham victory were there. The plucky 2nd division

LIVERPOOL 3 NEWCASTLE UNITED 0 FA Cup Final Wembley Stadium 4th May 1974

Liverpool entered the FA Cup Final at Wembley knowing that it was their last chance to win a trophy that season. The previous season’s champions and UEFA Cup winners had chased Leeds United hard all season, almost overcoming the Yorkshire sides record breaking start to the season before finishing as runners up in the League.

LEEDS UNITED 0 SUNDERLAND 1 1973 FA Cup Final Wembley Stadium 05/05/1973

(Originally Published on Clarke One Nil) Being a Leeds United fan has meant taking the rough with the smooth more often than most other teams. Despite a relatively glorious history, we all know it could have been so much more. Rudyard Kipling could have written “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, And treat

LEEDS UNITED 1 ARSENAL 0 1972 FA Cup Final – Wembley Stadium 06/05/72

(A version of this post was first published on the Leeds United Blog Clarke One Nil in May 2011) As a child I was given a book by my Granddad which I feel has shaped my fascination with sport. I’m not sure where it came from, and why he gave it to me but I am convinced